Retl: I just wanted to get rid of the big swollen pink pad... >>>
Retl: Retl: Song is from Starbuster: Composed... >>>
Retl: Song is from Starbuster: Composed... >>>
Retl: Intended title: "Arguments of a Circular Nature" >>>
Retl: I did not create the backing track. The original and... >>>
Retl: @cooljoe224 Glad you like 'm! :D As long as you're... >>>
Retl: Based on work by AndyBunny over on dA and other sites.... >>>
Retl: ...Forgot her wings. >>>
Retl: I don't remember how I drew this one. >>>
Retl: Not what I wanted. Maybe next time. >>>
Retl: The result of an hour of playing with the MLP unofficial... >>>
Retl: I changed Skyburst/Confetti's cutie mark around.... >>>
Retl: My excuse for a simultaneously breaking and intact... >>>
Retl: Wanna know some secrets I haven't shared anywhere... >>>
Retl: The main reason this doesn't get an author-love... >>>
Retl: Can't remember if this was Firealpaca or GIMP... >>>
Retl: I wouldn't mind reading a fic about Twilight trying... >>>
Retl: I either did this in GIMP or MyPaint. I can't... >>>
Retl: I don't remember what I drew this with. Probably... >>>
Retl: I like the right-most sketches way waaaay more now... >>>
Retl: I really don't have the patience for trying to... >>>
Retl: This pony looks unintentionally similar to Sweetie... >>>
Retl: Owe some credit to Ponfuusen. >>>
Retl: I'm thinking I might just rename her Luna Bloon.... >>>
Retl: Gotta give credit to Not-Fun for doing the sketch.... >>>
Retl: Good thing I found a magic balloon. #Angbadang >>>
Retl: Every time I look at this thing, I end up thinking... >>>
Retl: Extend the (distant from viewer) side of the ballthingy.... >>>
Retl: I wanted to draw a group of balloon-loving ponies having... >>>
Retl: Drawn by my niece. Includes a spikey rock, a Kirby... >>>
Retl: Drawn with both hands simultaneously. >>>
Retl: XD I'm now imagining a lime with gigantic cat-ears. >>>
Retl: Yeah! They're really fun and can be soft too.... >>>
Retl: Playing with a new toy, an EP121. This was an attempt... >>>
Retl: As written on the image, I can not take credit for... >>>
Retl: I really like her mane. >>>
Retl: Oh right, I never changed her facial expression. Oops. >>>
Retl: The balloon she's holder is much smaller than... >>>
Retl: Thanks, Anon! I know you tagged it as temporary, but... >>>
Retl: Decided I'm going to put >>>
Retl: Mitzi was one of the first characters I met in Animal... >>>
Retl: I keep having to refer to these links a lot when explaining... >>>
Retl: If you squint a bit, the whole figure makes this pleasant... >>>
Retl: This started off as me wondering what my computer would... >>>
Retl: Huge thanks to both Princess Molestia asktumblrs, without... >>>
Retl: The crayon I used was a bright kind of yellow color.... >>>
Retl: Since I kinda like that sketch on the lower left, I... >>>
Retl: Glitter's the tiny form. Sparkle's the bigger... >>>
Retl: I was basically trying to imitate Megasweet to see... >>>
Retl: Dat Midriff. >>>
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