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Retl: Wanna know some secrets I haven't shared anywhere else? Why a red balloon? Why not a pink one, or a green one? Well, I like to imagine that whichever green one she had that day may have <a href="">already been broken elsewhere</a>. Popper seems to <a href="">like blowing balloons to their limit anyway</a>, so I figured she may subscribe to the 'bigger is better' line of thought. It seemed like a good idea to take a balloon of the same color as the prior inflation pic as well so that the connection would be more clear. The broken purple is based on her cutie mark, and the shredded blue was probably blown to bits. I realize all the colorful broken bits is kinda busy, but I prefer the bright vivid contrasts. And I figure <a href="">she's not the sort to stop and clean up after each individual balloon</a>.